TruthGPT Token Emerges After Elon Musk’s Tweet – 728 Holders and $7M Market Value!

• Elon Musk’s tweet inspires the launch of a truth-telling robot-themed cryptocurrency, TruthGPT
• PeckShield reveals honeypot schemes using ChatGPT as a cover for scams
• The emergence of TruthGPT provides an indie alternative to ChatGPT

Elon Musk’s Tweet Inspires Cryptocurrency Launch

On February 17th, 2023, Elon Musk tweeted about the need for a “TruthGPT” chatbot. Only two days later, the free-to-use artificial intelligence went live on Telegram. The native token of TruthGPT (TruthGPT) has 728 holders and is priced at $0.007 with a total market value of $7,707,676 according to

PeckShield Reveals Honeypot Schemes Using ChatGPT As A Cover For Scams

Crypto security company PeckShield recently announced that there had been a wave of pump-and-dump schemes using ChatGPT’s name as a cover for scams. According to their report, two schemes have an unusually high sell tax rate while another two have dropped by 99%. Moreover, PeckShield indicates that one serial crypto scammer is responsible for over ten new fraudulent smart contracts deployed through honeypot techniques.

The Emergence Of TruthGPT

The emergence of TruthGPT provides an indie alternative to ChatGPT and quickly gained popularity on Telegram for having a sense of humor when asked questions like “What is the truth?” To which it warmly responds: “Welcome to your awakening comrade! Everyone needs to think for themselves and not just accept what the mainstream media tells them to accept.”

Chat Gpt Faces Unexpected Competition

The launch of Truth Gpt has caused some unexpected competition for the popular artificial intelligence system known as Chat Gpt. With its humorous responses and free access platform on Telegram, it has garnered popularity in recent weeks .


To summarise this article; Elon Musk inspired the launch of an AI chatbot called Truth Gpt which uses its own native token (Truth Gpt ) with 728 holders and valued at $0.007 with total market value reported at $7,707,676 .However , Peck Shield revealed honeypot schemes using Chat Gpt as cover for scams . Finally , this caused unexpected competition from Truth Gpt due to its humorous responses and ease of access on telegram .