Shiba Inu Main Dev Clears Up Token Rumors – Patience is Key!

• Shytoshi Kusama, main developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB) clears up rumors about the new token Paw (PAW).
• Kusama shared crypto donation details for Turkey and Syria in the wake of a devastating earthquake.
• The highly-anticipated Layer-2 solution Shibarium is yet to be released.

Clearing Up Rumors About New Token PAW

Shiba Inu’s main developer Shytoshi Kusama officially distanced himself from the new copycat token Paw (PAW), developed by a member of the SHIB Defence Breed. On top of that, the $PAW token has already been deemed a pump-and-dump scheme by a large chunk of the Shiba Inu community on both Twitter and Discord. Hence, Kusama ended his tweet with a cautionary message: „Be careful #Shibarmy, many wolves in Shib’s clothing.“

Crypto Donation Details For Turkey and Syria

Previously, Kusama sent a warm and comforting message to people affected by the enormous earthquake in Turkey and Syria. He recently shared a donation link that supports BEP20, Avalanche, and ERC-20 tokens suitable for SHIB transfers on Ethereum (ETH) network.

Valentine’s Day Launch Of Shibarium?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, some members of the SHIB Army speculated that this could be the launch date for Layer-2 solution Shibarium. However, it remains uncertain when exactly it will be released. SHIB Sunshine reminded everyone to keep patience as even Kusama can’t accurately predict when it will drop.

Kusama Calls Whales To Help Earthquake Victims

Even though none of whales have answered his initial call yet, Kusama still encourages them to support victims of this natural disaster who are in need for medical aid, food, and emergency accommodation. He hopes that every small bit would go a long way in helping those affected by this catastrophe.

Defikraken Falsely Endorses Unrelated Token

Furthermore DefiKraken falsely endorsed an unrelated token as part of Shiba Inu’s ecosystem which draws confusion among some members of the community whether or not they should trust it or not

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